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13.7.2019 Club show Kamenný mlýn/SK

I´m so happy and proud ♥ Best day

judge: Andras Polgar (RS)


open class - 2years


Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.1/2, CAC, Best female, BEST OF BREED (45CCD)


Candy Girl


baby class - tomorrov 6months


Capture Gambitas aka Urri -  VP 1/3, BEST IN SHOW BABY (from 4)

BEST COUPLE 1st place - Urri and Candy (from 6)

Capture Gambitas

16.07.2019 | Zobrazeno: 216×
Pretty Sweet


6.-7.7.2019 NDS and IDS Serbia

judge: Zlatko Jajkic, Slavoljub Andric (SRB)

intermediateclass - 20monts


Sofiris Show Zest For Life - 2x Exc.1, 2x CAC, CACIB and 2x BOB

→ new SERBIAN CHAMPION and started Interchampion


Dolly and Jack


open class - 3years

Dolly Dancing Pretty Sweet - 2x Exc.1, 2x CAC, CACIB

→ new SERBIAN CHAMPION and started Interchampion

16.07.2019 | Zobrazeno: 212×
Pretty Sweet


30.7.2019 IDS Krakow/PL

judge: Elena Agafonova(IT)

! 19months !


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - Exc.1/3, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet

I´m very very proud, thank you owner I.Krakowczyk - Poland

30.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 201×
Pretty Sweet


23.6.2019 MVP Brno

judge: Z.Brotankova(CZ)


intermediare class - 19months


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB and BOS ♥

30.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 205×
Pretty Sweet


22.6.2019 Club show Brno, KCHCCHP

judge: V.Vojtek (male) and I.Vojtekova(female) (SK)


baby class- 5months


Capture Gambitas - VP1/2, BEST IN SHOW BABY

Capture Gambitas


honor class


Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc. 1

30.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 213×
Pretty Sweet


9.6.2019 CACIB Bytom/PL

judge: Vojislav  Al- Daghistani (SB)

18 months


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - Exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOS

Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet

14.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 214×
Pretty Sweet


7.-8.-9.6.2019 3x CACIB Nitra/SK

judge: S.Heldoví(SK), Paunovic Dusan(RS), Mareti Lorena(IT)


baby class - first show, 4months

Capture Gambitas - 3x VP1, Grand Prix Slovakia Minor Puppy Winner 2019

→ fulfilled the conditions new SLOVAK PUPPY CHAMPION

Capture Gambitas


intermediate class


Sofiris Show Zest of Life - 3x Exc.1, 3x CAC → started Slovak beauty Champion


champion class and open class


Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.3/4, 2x Exc.1/2, 2x CAC

→ filfilled the conditions new SLOVAK BEAUTY CHAMPION

Dafne Milky


open class - 1day


Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.2., res.CAC

Candy Girl

14.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 210×
Pretty Sweet



I am very sorry to announce that our Candy puppies are not waiting.

We will hope for a second attempt ♥

13.06.2019 | Zobrazeno: 184×
Pretty Sweet


19.5.2019 IDS Kamionka/PL

intermediate class - 19months


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB

Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet

19.05.2019 | Zobrazeno: 212×
Pretty Sweet


4.5.2019 NDS Bytom FCI IX./Poland

judge: Magdalena Swieton(PL)

intermediate class - 17months


Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC, BOB and



!!! I´m proud and I´m happy breeder !!!

05.05.2019 | Zobrazeno: 214×
Pretty Sweet


Welcome to our family

My dream came true, I fell in love after 2years. We welcome the red boy to our black-white family ♥


Capture Gambitas aka URRI

import Lithuana

co-owner: kennel Energy Di and Chinese Butterfly

Capture Gambitas

05.05.2019 | Zobrazeno: 217×
Pretty Sweet


13.-14.4.2019 Satu Mare/Romania

three show and three winners

intermediate class - 16months


Enjoy Stark Prety Sweet - 3x Exc.1, 3x CAC, CACIB and BOS


and started Interchampion

Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet

20.04.2019 | Zobrazeno: 206×
Pretty Sweet

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