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8-10.6.2018 IDS Nitra/SK

8.6.2018 President cup

judge: M.Swietova(PL)

junior class - 13months

SKJW´18.Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.1/2, CAJC, BOJ

Candy Girl


open class

CJW´17.JCH.CH.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1


9.6.2018 Grand prix Slovakia

judge: K.Jarvien(FI)

junior class

SKJW´18.Candy Girl Energy Di Exc.1/4, CAJC, Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 2018, JBOB


Candy Girl


open class

CJW´17.JCH.CH.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.2. res.CAC


10.6.2018 Derby winner show

judge: S.Heldová(SK)

junior class

SKJW´18.JCH.Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.1/3, CAJC, JBOB, Derby Winner 2018 and Cruft´s Qualification 2019

Candy Girl


open class

CJW´17.JCH.CH.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC

Dafne Milky

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Pretty Sweet


ESKIMO EIS Pretty Sweet

2-3.6.2018 Otterup, Denmark

puppy class - 6,5months

2x VP1, 2x BOB puppy

Eskimo Eis

11.06.2018 | Zobrazeno: 338×
Pretty Sweet


Cappy Dot Pretty Sweet

27.5.2018 RDS/ Spain

Exc.1, Best male, BOB, r.BOG

Cappy Dot

28.05.2018 | Zobrazeno: 329×
Pretty Sweet


Litter "E"


Enjoy Stark & Eskimo Eis

from Poland and Sweden came beautiful pictures at the age of 6 months - 30cm and 5,5kg

Enjoy Stark Eskimo Eis

28.05.2018 | Zobrazeno: 375×
Pretty Sweet



NDS Zabrze/PL

judge: A.Dzid(PL)

first puppy class

BISB.Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - VP1, BOB puppy

IDS Litoměřice/CZ

judge: Z.Brotánková(CZ)

intermediate class

JCW´17.JCH.CH. Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.2, r.CAC


champion class

JCH.multiCH.Arllet Kiss Pretty Sweet - Exc.1/3, CAC

28.05.2018 | Zobrazeno: 304×
Pretty Sweet


Amazing brothers

5,5months old


13.5.2018 IDS Lodz

judge: H.Lamont

baby class

BISB.Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - VP1, BEST BABY IN BREED

Enjoy Stark


12-13.5.2018 Dog show Roskilde

baby class - first show

Eskimo Eis Pretty Sweet - 2x VP1, 2x BEST BABY IN BREED

Eskimo Eis

14.05.2018 | Zobrazeno: 335×
Pretty Sweet


12.5.2018 Club couring KCHN CZ , Kolesa

judge: E. Jeník Dufková, P.Jeník


category junior - first run

Candy Girl Energy Di - 1st place, BEST JUNIOR CCD, 3rd place of the best CCD race (11dogs) (343 points)     <video>


category female amateur - 4females

CJW´17.JCH.CH. Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - 1st place → started to license (324points) 



category veteran - 8years

Arllet Hope Hoard Gold - 1st place, BEST dog race of 11dogs (355points)


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Pretty Sweet


6.5.2018 very successful day for the Pretty Sweet kennel

IDS Prague/CZ

judge: Z.btotánková(CZ)

junior class - 12months

Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.4/6

handler: Diana S. thank you ♥

Candy Girl


intermediate class - 22months

CJW´17.JCH. Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU


Dafne Milky


NDS Rybnik/PL

judge: J.Grunt(PL)

baby class - 5,5months

BISB.Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet - VP1, BOB baby

owner: kennel Super Ciapki/PL

Enjoy Stark


RDS Torrelodones/ ESP

first show

open class

Capy Dot Pretty Sweet - Exc.1

owner: kennel Coromar/ESP

Cappy Dot

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Pretty Sweet


Candy Girl Energy Di

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little girl {#emotions_dlg.love} 1st birthday

Candy Girl Energy Di

candidate: Slovak puppy Champion
started: Czech Junior Champion
Poland Junior Champion
Slovak Junior Champion
Slovenian Junior Champion
BOS, multi.BOJ, Junior Winner of Slovak, r.BIS baby
Candy Girl

24.04.2018 | Zobrazeno: 496×
Pretty Sweet


21.-22.4.2018 CACIB Maribor a Pohorje/SLO

judge: Vladimir Piskaj(SK)

junior class

Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.1, Junior Winner

→ started Slovenian Junior Champion


intermediate class

CJW´17.JCH.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1/2, CAC

→ started Slovenian Beauty Champion

Dafne Milky


judge: Vesa Lohtonen(FI)

Candy Girl Energy Di - Exc.1, Junior Winner


intermediate class

CJW´17.JCH.Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet - Exc.1/2, CAC

Candy Girl

24.04.2018 | Zobrazeno: 338×
Pretty Sweet


Sofiris Show Zest For Life

I want to introduce our new guy ♥

co-owner i and kennel Energy Di,

owner kennel Chinese Butterfly - where the Jack will live.

import: Russia



12.04.2018 | Zobrazeno: 414×
Pretty Sweet


ENJOY STARK Pretty Sweet

Traveled s new home in Poland kennel Super Ciapki. Beautiful photo came to me ♥

Enjoy Stark

12.04.2018 | Zobrazeno: 409×
Pretty Sweet

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