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♥ puppies 2019 ♥



We puppies born november, a very exclusive connection for us, two dogs from our Pretty Sweet kennel. It will be the first connection of our bred children, not related ! "Milky" becomes a proud mother. Father will be "Starky" very active dog loves sport after his mother. Very successful at exhibitions, in the baby class at the club show -BIS baby, in 9months the first BOB in junior class on EDS in Poland at the age of 11months 3nd from 13dogs from several countries.Up to 1year of age won 2 champion, 1 champion and BEST IN SHOW, he is a very young dog. I´m very proud ♥



"Milky" Dafne Milky Pretty Sweet   X   "Starky" Enjoy Stark Pretty Sweet




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If you interested pups from my kennel, please contact us:

email: prettysweet@email.cz


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